On-Camera Acting Workshops, Private Coaching, Demo Reels 

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Intro To Commercial Acting & Auditioning Intensive

This 3-1/2-hour, 1-evening Intensive was created at the request of casting directors, agents and actors.

Our Intro To Commercial Acting & Auditioning Intensive is a potent nuts and bolts introduction to Commercial Acting & Auditioning. This Intensive works as a great introduction to our more comprehensive and personalized 5-night Complete On-Camera Commercial Acting & Auditioning Workshop.

While our usual Workshops are limited to a maximum of 8 students per class, this Intro Intensive takes 15 students and is open to anyone interested in getting a detailed introduction to the world of Commercial Auditioning, as well as insight into what goes on behind the scenes and what it is casting directors and directors actually expect from you when they call you in to audition for a role. Since we don’t offer auditing of our Complete On-Camera Commercial Acting & Auditioning Workshop, the Intro Intensive will offer you the opportunity to gauge if our teaching style and approach is the right one for you.

We will explore the vital importance of bringing your own personal insights and unique experiences to every role, no matter how great or small.

We will also discuss industry terminology so that you know exactly what is being asked of you, as well as the do’s and don’t’s inherent in the commercial auditioning process, from the clothes you wear to how you act and react in any given situation.

Finally, we will cover the art of slating and how to make that first impression one that stands out and inspires us to want to see more of you. In essence, how to make fans of casting directors, directors and clients by showing them exactly who you are and why they should think of you, not only for the role you are auditioning for, but future roles in film and TV as well as commercials.

In the Complete On-Camera Commercial Acting & Auditioning Workshop, each student will spend in-depth time in front of the camera. You will receive personalized direction through a variety of scripts so that you can hone your personal strengths and present yourself as a professional working actor.