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Film & TV Advanced Acting & Auditioning Workshop

MOVING UP: In this 5-week Advanced Workshop, we will take the auditioning skills you acquired in our On-Camera Commercial Acting Intensive, and the acting strengths and techniques you cultivated and made your own in our Advanced Commercial Workshop, and apply them directly to Film and Television auditions.

Though there are similarities, Film and TV auditions are not the same as Commercial auditions. In this Workshop, we will directly address those differences in detail –what you should expect and what is expected of you– and we will work together until you are comfortable auditioning in all of these mediums.

COMMERCIALS vs FILM & TV: Unlike Commercials, Film and TV auditions almost always make the copy available to you at least 24 hours in advance of your audition to allow time to prepare. This opens up an entirely new world of insights and interpretive skills that you will want to have in order to make the best use of that time. But be warned, the “cold-read” still exists in these mediums as well. In this 4-week Workshop, we will work extensively on both approaches so that you are never caught off-guard and always showcase your strengths and talent in any given moment.

What does remain consistent throughout all auditioning scenarios is the acting itself; you are expected to bring your best possible work and professionalism into the room with you. You are also expected to give honest and truthful interpretations of the roles you are brought in for. You are expected to inspire and be inspired. You are always a collaborator, an essential piece of the puzzle, with a singular “take” on the material: that unique insight and ability to bring the role to life that separates you from everyone else. Your audition should also be a taste of what is to come, a sampling of your talents, insights, personality and creativity; something to whet the appetite and excite, to bring the role and project that much closer to being fully realized.

What You Will Learn In This Workshop:

How to bring your life experiences to the audition room, to the characters you are helping create. 

How to not only stand out from other actors auditioning for the same role, but also how to work and engage with other actors in different audition scenarios. 

How to work seamlessly with someone who is reading their part “off-camera” and how to allow yourself to give a richly detailed performance even when your scene partner is not –how shall we say– giving you much to work with. 

How to audition while holding copy in your hands as opposed to reading from an off-camera board. 

How to use the opportunity of having the copy ahead of time to maximize your understanding and interpretation of the material. 

How to maximize your potential and bring out your best when facing a “cold-read.” 

How to work with Film and TV directors and producers to not only give them what they need, but to work with them to take it to a whole new level none of you could have attained without the other. 

How to find your own personal “take” on a role and, by the same token, how to avoid the “obvious” choices other actors might make. 

How to take one small part of the script (you are almost never given the entire script to peruse) and build and interpret your character based on the information you are given.

What questions to ask about your character and story when you first get into the audition room. 

How to not only give a terrific read, but to come across as a genuine collaborator and a truly great person to work with in what is oftentimes a more “intimate” setting than one may experience in a Commercial audition.